January 4, 2009

Dungeon Boss Levels & Monsters

Trial Forest

monsters:Slime /  Mushmon / Raccoon


1 star:1-4

2 star:2-5

3 star:3-6

Trial Tower

monsters:Slime / Goblin / Stone Goblin


1 star:3-8

2 star:4-9

3 star:5-10

Outer Wall of Serdin

monsters:Orc / Goblin / Stone Goblin

boss:Orc Warrior

1 star:6-10

2 star:7-11

3 star:8-12

Kerrie Beach

monsters:Goblin / Stone Goblin / Harpy

boss:Harpy Queen

1 star:9-13

2 star:10-14

3 star:11-15

Orc Temple

monsters:Orc / Orc Warrior / Stone Orc

boss:Orc Lord

1 star:12-15

2 star:13-16

3 star:14-17

Gorgos Dungune

monsters:Gon / Gorgon / Anmon Scout

boss:Red Gorgos


1 star:14-17

2 star:15-18

3 star:16-19

Elven Forest

monsters:Orc / Harpy / Stone Orc / Orc Warrior



1 star:16-19

2 star:17-20

3 star:18-21

Gorge of Oath

monsters:Drillmon / Harpy / Anmon Guard / Gon

boss:Gaint Drillmon

1 star:18-21

2 star:19-22

3 star:20-23

Marsh of Oblivion

monsters:Dark Mage / Harpy / Swamp Slime / Troll


1 star:20-23

2 star:21-24

3 star:22-25

Forsaken Borrows

monsters:Skeleton / Zombie Orc Warrior /  Pumpkin Head / Dark Mage


1 star:22-25

2 star:23-26

3 star:24-27

Forgoten City

monsters:Paraminimy / Mini Stone Golem / Stone Troll


1 star:24-27

2 star:25-28

3 star:26-29

Gaikoz Castle

monsters:Dark Mage / Anmon Scout / Anmon Guard / Mongbang



1 star:26-29

2 star:27-30

3 star:28-31

Partusay Sea

monsters:Armored Lobster / Hungry Ghost / Mini Ice Golem



1 star:30-33

2 star:31-34

3 star:32-35

Elia Continate

monsters:Dark Anmon Scout / Dark Anmon Guard / Dark Mongbang / Dark Mage

bosses:1st form((Ellia or Ellina)) 2nd form ((Kamiki))


1 star:32-35

2 star:33-36

3 star:34-37

Temple of Fire

monsters:Anmon Scout / Mini Fire Golem / Mongbang Leader


1 star:34-37

2 star:35-38

3 star:36-39

Hell Bridge

monsters:Dark Anmon Scout / Dark Anmon Guard / Dark Mage / Dark Mongbang / Lich



1 star:36-39

2 star:37-40

3 star:38-41

Kaze'aze Castle

monsters:Dark Anmon Scout / Dark Anmon Guard / Dark Mage / Dark Gorgos / Dark Troll

bosses:1st form kaze'aze(lass even tho it says kaze'aze) 2nd form jin kaze'aze(kaze'azes true form)


1 star:38-41

2 star:39-42

3 star:40-43

Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor

monsters:need info

boss:need info

1 star:40~42

2 star:41~43

3 star:42~44

Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor

monsters:need info

boss:need info

1 star:42~44

2 star:43~45

3 star:44~46

Battle for Bermesiah

monsters:need info

boss:need info

1 star:44~46

2 star 45~47

3 star:46~48

Xenia Border

monsters:need info

bosses:need info

1 star:46~48

2 star:47~49

3 star:48~50

December 30, 2008

Grand Chase is proud to UNLEASH RONAN

Ronan is a descendant of the Erudon Family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan. He uses his knowledge of magic and his incredible swordsmanship to quickly defeat foes.

See Ronan in action by watching this
Ronan Video!

How to acquire Ronan:

1. Go to the SHOP Tab
2. Now go to ACADEMY Tab
3. Now you have an option which Scroll you would like to buy in order to acquire Ronan

- Ronan GP Mission Scroll is worth 60,000 GP

- Ronan Cash Mission Scroll is worth 2,500 Cash (from Nov 18 to Nov 24 Only). Regular Cash Scroll Price is 3,000 Cash

Unleash Ronan now for the glory of Kanavan!

Grand Chase: Ito ang Lakas!

Unleash Ronan Event Part 2!

Event 1
Ronan’s Mission

Period: Nov 25 – Dec 1

Login and receive 'Protect Kanavan Mission Scroll'
Defeat ‘Oath of Gorge’ ***
Defeat ‘Gaikoz’s Castle’ ***


Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Wings of Hero (2weeks)
Brave Rune-Weapon
Aging Core (10)

Event 2
Acquire Ronan Character

Period: Nov 25 – Dec 1

Acquire Ronan from Nov 25 – Dec 1 and get rewards on December 2.


Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Wings of MagicKnight (1week)
Ronan Signboard (Permanent)
Gorgos MagicSword (200 times)
Ronan’s Big Head (1week)

Event 3
Level Up Ronan!

Period: Nov 25 – Dec 1

Get a reward as Ronan’s level increases!


Attached Image
Level 10: +10 Bag
Level 15: +10 Bag
Level 20: +10 Bag
Level 25: +10 Bag
Level 30: +10 Bag
Level 35: +10 Bag
Level 40: +10 Bag

Event 4
1.5x EXP/GP for Ronan

December 23, 2008

How to play Arme Serdin Mage 1st Class


level to obtain:0


black magic

  1. Stone Curse
  2. Lightning Bolt
  3. Meteor

white magic

  1. Magic Shield
  2. Reverse Gravity
  3. Cure


Arme is a cheerful Mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. She became a member of the Violet Magic Guild, the greatest guild of the Serdin Kingdom, at an early age. She has mastered both Black and White Magic, but her curiosity for magic is still insatiable. After learning about Kaze’aze’s powerful magic, Arme decided to join Grand Chase, hoping to encounter the Queen of Darkness.

Grand Chase Arme Wallpaper Downloads
Grand Chase Arme Wallpaper Downloads

Grand Chase Arme Wallpaper Downloads

    (Grade 1)
Warlock’s 1st grade attack enables the user to summon Sylph, the wind spirit that casts a powerful tornado on the ground. When an enemy is hit by the tornado, the enemy will be pushed back, and is immobilized for a short period. This creates a chance for the Warlock’s team to strike the enemy. This skill is especially effec-
tive in dangerous maps like the Gorge of Oath.
Fire Ring
    (Grade 2)
Warlock’s 2nd grade attack triples the user’s defense for 15 seconds. The user is nearly invincible when using this skill, and will lose very little HP, even from Elesis’s combo attacks. Fire Ring enables Warlocks to match Knights in melee battle, but only temporarily. This skill’s duration doesn’t last long and repetitive use rapidly depletes MP.
    (Grade 3)
Warlock’s 3rd grade attack summons a powerful blizzard around the caster to freeze enemies within close range. The blizzard doesn’t cover the entire map, but it can be very effective at defeating groups of enemies at once.

1. Alchemist 's Black Magic
Bomb Drop
    (Grade 1)
Alchemist’s 1st grade Black Mage spell enables the user to set an invisible land mine which automatically explodes after a set time period. Land mines can be used to keep enemies away, or to create an opportunity to inflict a finishing blow. Land Mines can instantly finish enemies when used in the Gorge of Oath.
Killer Cloud
    (Grade 2)
Alchemist’s 2nd grade Black Magic spell summons a toxic cloud that can slow down and damage enemies. Killer Cloud is especially effective in narrow areas where enemies cannot evade. Continuously throwing bombs at enemies within the cloud’s area of effect can place them in critical condition.
    (Grade 3)
Alchemist’s 3rd grade Black Magic spell shoots 3 powerful bombs, causing huge explosions around enemies. It’s difficult to aim all of the bombs at a single enemy since they’re shot in different directions, but two bombs are usually enough to defeat an enemy. Blockbuster Explosion is more effective on boss monsters in Dungeon mode rather than in PvP.

2. Alchemist 's White Magic
    (Grade 1)
Alchemist’s 1st grade White Magic spell restores the HP of friendly targets within the skill’s range. Very useful in Dungeon and PvP mode. This skill can also be used to create a delay for combo attacks. If there is an enemy in close range, the user can cast this skill, create a delay, and then finish the enemy with a combo attack.
Magic Shield
    (Grade 2)
Alchemist’s 2nd grade White Magic spell casts a magic shield around friendly targets within the skill’s range. This skill is effective when all friendly targets are gathered in an area, but has less practical use in real situations. This skill might be useful for protecting weaker, low-level users, but is easily broken by one hit from a powerful, high leveled attacker.
Make Item
    (Grade 3)
Alchemist’s 3rd grade White Magic spell randomly creates items from the Alchemist’s pot. It has a chance of generating HP or MP restoration items, but is entirely based on luck. This skill might not always be reliable in battle!

1. Black Mage
Stone Curse
    (Grade 1)
Mage’s 1st grade Black Magic spell that turns enemies into stone. This skill has a wide range and high attack strength, and is favored by many Mages. Stone Curse can be followed by other skills such as Earth Wave to create combo attacks. This skill also has a high chance of countering enemy air attacks, and it’s effective when enemies attempt to jump towards your character to inflict damage.
Lightning Bolt
    (Grade 2)
Mage’s 2nd grade Black Magic spell that shoots a long lightning
bolt straight toward the user’s front. The bolt’s direction can be raised or lowered while it is cast, and the bolt reaches all the way to the other end of the screen. Lightning Bolt is very effective in maps designed in a straight line, such as the Gorge of Oath, and can be followed by other skills to create combo attacks. This skill is also useful for holding down enemies during team fights.
    (Grade 3)
Mage’s 3rd grade Black Magic spell that is considered the most powerful attack
spell. Summon meteors that fill up the game screen, and inflict damage once when
they hit enemies, and again when they explode. These meteors cause more damage when they explode than when they collide against targets.

Meteor’s explosion spots are limited to the same height of the user. It means the casting location can interfere with this skill’s effect. Lower enemies may not be effective if cast at the upper part of the map, and vice versa. Mages usually cast Meteor spells at the lowest part of the map, or at the same level as the majority of the enemies.

2. White Mage
Magic Shield
    (Grade 1)
Mage’s 1st grade White Magic spell that casts a magic shield around the user. The magic shield disappears when it’s inflicted with a certain amount of damage, and its defense strength does not increase if the user’s level and defense strength are increased. Therefore, the shield can be broken by one hit if the attacker is high-leveled.

Despite this drawback, Magic Shields can protect its user from becoming frozen, and from getting killed from 5 hit combo attacks. Magic Shield’s true purpose is to provide an opportunity for the caster to counterattack, or evade enemy attacks after performing a skill with a long delay.
Reverse Gravity
    (Grade 2)
Mage’s 2nd grade White Magic spell that enables the user to change the gravity and attack enemies by launching them high in the air, and then forcefully crashing them to the ground. This skill has a 100% success rate on enemies perpendicular to the user, and is very useful against agile foes.
    (Grade 3)
Mage’s 3rd grade White Magic spell that enables the user to spin and move while shooting heart signs that will restore HP to allies within close range. This skill’s effect is not affected by the user’s level and stats, unlike Combat Alchemist’s Cure.

How to play Lire Class Skill Guides


level to obtain:0


  1. Metal Shot
  2. Arrow Rain
  3. Arrow Storm


Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their combat skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid becoming involved in Human conflicts. However, in the recent years, the war of Humans expanded across the entire continent and a series of bizarre incidents occured. The Elves decide to end their isolation and cooperate with the Humans. Working together, the Elves and the Humans discover that Kaze’aze is responsible for the havoc that is wrecking the continent. To return peace to Eryuell Island and the continent, the Elves decide to continue investigating Kaze’aze, and form the Elven Corps to combat her evil. Lire is a member of the Elven Corps that has joined Grand Chase on behalf of the Elves.

*This is not completed and more will b added.*

Lire 2nd(crossbowman)


  1. Fan Shot
  2. Dance Tempest
  3. Harpy Hunt Shot

Grand Chase Lire Wallpaper Downloads
Grand Chase Lire Wallpaper Downloads

Grand Chase Lire Wallpaper Downloads

1. Arch Ranger
Hyper Shot
    (Grade 1)
Arch Ranger’s 1st grade attack enables the user to
shoot an arrow straight toward a target: this shot will
pierce through the target and damage enemies behind it.
This skill is commonly used repeatedly to create an
opportunity to strike enemies with a finishing blow.
White Wind
    (Grade 2)
Arch Ranger’s 2nd grade attack enables the user to swing her
bow to attack enemies at close range. This skill is lacking in
attack strength, but it can be used while moving: this skill is
intended to help players escape when surrounded by enemies.
    (Grade 3)
Arch Ranger’s 3rd grade attack is an advanced version of Archer’s
Arrow Rain. Enables the user to fly in the air and shoot arrows upward.
These arrows will fall to the ground in a huge explosion, and unlike
Arrow Rain, this skill only inflicts damage on the arrows’ way down.
Chakra isn’t very effective on single enemies, but it is useful on giant
boss monsters and groups of enemies because of its wide attack range.
This skill can also instantly finish downed enemies that are trying to stand
up or are in the middle of resurrecting. However, the character is vulnerable before and after using Chakra so this skill must be cast carefully.

1. Crossbowman
Fan Shot
    (Grade 1)
Crossbowman’s 1st grade attack enables the user to shoot 4 bolts
to her left side, and another 4 bolts to her right side.
The direction of the shots can be raised or lowered by using the arrow keys. When used at close range, all 8 arrows will hit the same
target to inflict great damage.
Used this way, this skill is powerful enough to finish off
a target, making it a very effective critical blow skill.
Dance Tempest
    (Grade 2)
Crossbowman’s 2nd grade attack enables the user to fire
a wide volley of bolts while effortlessly moving with grace. This skill inflicts less damage at long range than at close range because the shots are scattered and unfocused.
Harpy Hunt Shot
    (Grade 3)
Crossbowman’s 3rd grade attack that originated from a special Harpy hunting technique. Jump backward, and shoot a bolt to hit a Harpy that will crush your enemy.

1. Archer
Metal Shot
    (Grade 1)
Archer’s 1st grade level attack that enables the user to shoot 5 arrows at different angles to damage targets. This skill has high attack strength, but it doesn’t have enough power to be used as a critical or finishing blow.
Arrow Rain
    (Grade 2)
Archer’s 2nd grade level attack that enables the user to shoot a volley of arrows that will arc and fall over a wide area. The arrows are shot above the user’s head, so this skill is effective on targets above the user.
Arrow Storm
    (Grade 3)
Archer’s 3rd grade level attack that enables the user to shoot a large volley of arrows that spin in a spiral to inflict great damage to targets. This spinning allows the arrows to spread over the entire screen, making this attack difficult to dodge. This skill is especially effective at causing critical damage to enemies at close range.